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I am Monique Cleveland an Instructional Designer

based in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Learning Philosophy: Learner Centered 

The heart of my instructional design philosophy is a deep commitment to a learner-centered approach. Recognizing the diversity in learning styles and preferences, I design experiences that empower learners to take control of their educational paths. This involves creating environments that foster curiosity, critical thinking, and self-directed exploration.


To create engaging, effective, and transformative learning experiences that empower individuals and organizations to thrive through the art of visual design and instructional excellence.

Quick Qualifications:

  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

    • Standards Writing Team Member 

  • M. Ed. Learning, Design & Technology| UNCC-pursuing

  • Bachelors of Art & Design| NCSU

  • Cousera Google UX Certification 

  • K-12 Licensed & Practicing NC Art Educator since 2012 

Core Beliefs:

  1. Learner-Centered Approach

  2. Visual Design as a Catalyst

  3. Active Learning

  4. Continuous Improvement

  5. Accessibility and Inclusivity

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