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ELDT 6110 Instructional Design 

Instructional analysis, design, and evaluation principles and practices; gaining practical experience applying theoretical understandings of instructional design principles and processes such as goal and task analysis, learner and context analysis, instructional strategies, selection and development of instructional materials, and formative and summative evaluation.

Final Project 



The instructional solution is to create an online training program that includes collaborative training for elective teachers to learn how to use and implement Canvas as it applies to their concentration to enhance the facilitation of instruction and improve performance on the NC Educator Effectiveness System.

1. Given the training, West Academy elective teachers will be able to explain the purpose of the new WCPSS initiative Canvas when prompted with 100% accuracy.


2. By the end of October of the current year, elective teachers at West Academy will design a course to facilitate technology in their instruction using the 6 highlighted features.

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