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ELDT 6100 Foundations of Learning, Design and Technology 

Contemporary issues and historical development of learning, design, and technology. An overview of learning theory, analysis and design of learning environments, instructional design models, technology innovations, and factors affecting the use of technology for learning.

Learner- Centered Infographic

Create a graphic or a comparable alternative to analyze the forms and characteristics of

learner-centered instruction.





  • Define direction with numbers

  • increase contrast with balckground  color gradient

  • Item placement

  • Include a reflection to connect the learner with the content. 

  • Ask the learner to apply content

Learning Theories Infographic

Compare and contrast connectivism with one other theory (Behavioral, Cognitivism, or Constructivism) by highlighting how both theories assists learners as they build knowledge.



  • Larger text

  • Simplify text 

  • More contrast between text and images


Instructional Tutorial

Design a short tutorial or a job aid that will be used to teach someone a skill.  Apply a theory and a model to write a narrative plan for this project prior and develop it.


Short tutorial for Wake County classroom teachers to learn how to create and utilize the announcement feature in Canvas to better communicate with students and their families.



  •  Implement participatory design to address learner habits and areas of confusion.

  • More choice for the learner.

  • More opportunities for self discovery. 


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