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LED by Design 

Designed to help both beginner and professional artists grow at their own pace.





  • User Research 

  • Prototyping 

  • Visual Designer 

  • Usability Testing  

The goal was to create a responsive art tutorial website for users of all skill levels, while also providing a secure and parent-friendly option for families.

03 Research

Results showed of the 71 users, most users enjoyed illustration, manga art, and painting.

18 out 71 users had taken an art class outside of school.

40% of the students use a video most of the time when drawing. Most familiar sites include YouTube and Art for kids. hub.

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 1.13.53 PM.png

04 Personas

Christine | age 10

"I get bored with most sites for kids they're just too easy, or my mom doesn't trust the site." 

10-year-old Christine is an avid drawer who enjoys manga art. Encouraged by her parents, Christine has taken many art lessons outside of school. Christine spends time with her younger sister watching and drawing together online.  

Kendra | age 35

"As a part-time artist, I'm always willing to try something new. I prefer creating my own path in the arts."

35-year-old self-taught painter, Kendra is looking for a way to enhance her skills in visual arts in her spare time.

Sitemap and wireframes

The goal was to design a site that was modern and yet still eye-catching for kids while also making it sleek and posh for older users.  The colors chosen aim to give a sense of calmness while creating alongside the website.  Cool colors and curved shapes kept the design relaxing and yellow introduced a playful mood. The site would run traditionally with a few easy-click icons on the left to help filter search results. Overall, information was organized based on color blocking. Videos were labeled under the topic and included user review likes and comment features. The site would also include quotes from fellow artists or creatives to inspire and help theme the page.

  • Initial site map.
  • Minimal navigation.
  • Too much information to organize.
  • Too simple to apply to both child and adult learning styles.
Moodboard- Design Strategy.png


Design Strategy

  • Modern design.

  • Fun Playful

  • The main colors are blue and yellow with accent colors white and black for contrast.


light pastels Refreshing. 





The Problem 

  • The initial site map was too stationary and didn't allow users with limited reading to navigate the app easily.

  • The design was catered to adults and or experienced artists.

  •  Too much text

  • Internet safety act for kids?

  • Children Learning vs Adult Learning​​


Improvements & Revisions

  • Kid portal would allow parents to monitor who and what their children are doing while watching appropriate videos online ad-free. 

  • LED kids is a simple platform that allows young artists the freedom to navigate their learning based on their own interests and materials.

  • LED Pro allows the artist to exchange skills with fellow artists, create for LEDkids, and grow professionally.

revised sitemap.png

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Thank you!

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