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ELDT 6000 Variable topics in Learning, Design, and Technology. 

Contemporary issues and historical development of learning, design, and technology. An overview of learning theory, analysis and design of learning environments, instructional design models, technology innovations, and factors affecting the use of technology for learning.

Style Guide 


Create a style guide from a real or imaginary source of inspiration. Develop a set of standards for the color palette, typeface, Logo, formatting, and design of documents that are purposeful to enhance learning.

Electronic Product

Instructional Problem

While technology has been gradually eased into education environments, it must not be taken for granted. Technology should be seen as a tool, however, misconceptions of its role have led to underutilization or improper use in the classroom. To implement technology, learners should know the factors to consider when aiming to successfully implement technology into a learning environment.



Given the instructional tool, the learner will understand factors that contribute to the successful utilization of technology in the classroom by discussing the challenges within each factor to integrate 21st-century skill development.

Print Product

Instructional Problem:

46% of the American population consumes protein supplements in the form of powder and shakes. However, most Americans consume double their recommended protein intake each day exceeding the recommended .36-.8 grams per lb/per day. When protein is consumed in excess, problems arise such as kidney issues and weight gain. 



Given the formula for daily protein intake, the learner will be able to apply the protein formula by solving individual weight with the protein intake equation to determine protein levels.  

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